About Me

.........Current Block
I have lived all over the US, which has given me an appreciation for many different cultures. I grew up in Northern Utah and since have lived on the border of the US and Mexico in AZ, in central NJ, VA, and FL; so i have a good mix of North, East, South and West. I would love to live in California because there is snow and desert, city and small towns, ocean and mountains. It's the perfect mix of everything.

........... Art
is one of my favorite things. I make art and I go to see art. I typically deal in mixed media art and tend to favor acrylics. Subjects in my paintings are typically inspirational or fantasy. I also am an avid photographer. My favorite things to photograph are degenerating buildings, and forms of light.

is something I find everywhere: in other artists, poetry, friends and family, nature, textures, fireflies, sunlight, and light of any kind. Check out People I Like for some of the people that inspire me.