December 6, 2011

HTT: Inspiration Calendar

My new calendar in my journal with spots for notes.

I use Stumble Upon pretty much everyday and recently found this article on ivillage. Now, more confidence is something I could use and I loved that there were 30 exercises, so I made myself a little December homework project and came out with my Inspiration Calendar. Here's how I made it:

You will also need something to glue the pieces onto. I used my journal.

1. Select your magazine pages that you like. You could also use scrapbook paper for a more uniform look or newspaper. Choose at least two pages for a variety. I used some pages out of fashion catalog, but for the tutorial I used pages from a cooking mag.

2. Next fold the magazine in halves until you get a size that you like. And tear or cut them into their pieces. Don't worry about measuring them. We will need to trim later.
3. Next glue all of your squares onto a sheet of white paper, or you could use a nice piece of lightly patterned cardstock for a more decorative look. If there is a square that you don't like (for instance has too much text or an obvious logo) try flipping it over to see what the other side looks like. This will also give you a bit more variety. Cut out all of those pieces.
4. Now we get to trim. How much you trim depends on how big your journal/support is. If you are making a 30 day month, you will want either 5 pieces across and 3 down per page or vice versa. I set each piece out onto my journal and saw I only had 4 rows of three, so I trimmed them until I had 5 rows. I also don't care if my measurements aren't exact. I like that each rectangle is a little different. If you want uniformity, break out the ruler and paper cutter.
5. Now that we are all trimmed, time to get gluing! First fold up a little tab, then apply glue and stick to page. Pretty easy, right? 

6. And finally....
Write all those little steps you will be doing on the front of each square and don't forget to add the day. Doodle to your heart's content. Slop some paint over things. Glue some tinsel. Whatever, just make it you.I really like how mine came out. My only regret is that my ribbon tape is packed up. I would have liked to put some of it vertically on the tabs. it would have added some extra support and also tied things together nicely. Oh well, maybe next time right? Send me a pic if you make one, and let me know how you like the tutorial.

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