December 20, 2011

A Moving List

Okay, so my block is once again changing for numerous and complicated reasons. Thus far I have moved three times in the past year, and I may possibly be moving again in the next 5 months. So, while I do not claim to be the authority on moving tips and techniques, I have learned A TON of stuff. And I know how people nowadays love lists so I submit my

5 Things I Learned about Moving

#5 Label everything!!
This is probably the first thing most normal people do when they are packing. I however, am a totally disorganized mess. I start out with one box filled with books neatly packed, then taped shut and labeled. But eventually I realize oops I forgot this book... well, I'll just stick it in here with the cds and this painting really couldn't fit with the art stuff, but these paint brushes should really go in a box by themselves.. I wonder if I can  just pour this entire drawer into a back pack. Then if I don't immediately unpack everything I end up looking for health insurance forms everywhere but to no avail. Save yourself the trouble.

#4 Don't pack your clothes... a box, I mean. Clothes are perfect for wrapping dishes and breakables. It's also a million times more eco-friendly to wrap with clothing vs bubble wrap, newspapers, ect. I recently packed my trunk full of boxes, but there was so much space left over between the boxes; little nooks and crevices pleading to be filled. That's where my clothes came into play again and I saved myself so much more room because now I don't have a huge bag full of clothes in the back seat. Just make sure not to use formal wear or delicate clothing. Obviously. 

#3 It's really not hard making friends.
It's always hard to leave them. I always think that I am awkward when I meet new people. I never know what to say, and I am often too serious. But each time I move, after only having stayed a few months, I know I will miss people. And they will miss me. At work, school, the gym, church, the grocery store, just be kind and respectful. Be helpful. People notice. And go out when people invite you even if you only stay an hour (that is something I have a hard time doing). When you are new you have to work on building and maintaining relationships.

#2 It really is just stuff.
This is coming from a true sentimentalist. I saved a Burger King receipt from 1998 because it had sentimental value. I also do not have a plethora of expendable cash to repurchase items I trash/donate. But did I really need that coffee table art book? I don't even own a coffee table. Must I hold on to this rice cooker that insists on leaving a semi-burnt gelatinous mess at the bottom of the pot? No. I'm not saying get rid of stuff you really love. Just look around and you will find so many things you really don't need when you are moving. And wouldn't it be better to donate it to a thrift store which can then profit from your donation? Think of it as giving someone else a chance to get something they couldn't afford new.

#1 Have something to look forward to.
It is sad when you leave a place. I have only been in VA for three months and there are a lot of things I will miss. Find one thing to look forward to and when you find yourself feeling sad, focus on that. I find myself dwelling on the past far too often. Envision all the new exciting things you will discover, people you will meet, drinks you will have, meals you will cook, meetings you will attend. Anything. Everything.

Do you have any moving tips? Lemme know.

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