December 5, 2011

Listing GotB

I found inspiration in one of my favorite blogs the other day. Elise over at A Beautiful Mess posted about a list she makes every year of things she wants to accomplish. Sounds pretty ordinary. I mean, I think everyone has to do lists and bigger life goals lists ect. But I liked this one because it starts on your birthday and you make a new one every year. It's a great way to inspire yourself and I love that you can look back through the years and see how much your needs and wants have changed. I'm making my own 24 Before 25 list and it's going to be awesome. Of course, I am usually a little too optimistic when I make lists like these and add too many big projects. However, no one ever said you had to accomplish everything on the list! And roll over is totally allowed. Let me know if you make a list and feel like sharing.

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