December 1, 2011

Bad Poetry

I unpacked one of my favorite books of poetry today, Bad Poetry by Pamela August Russell. Her poems are witty and wonderful. After re-reading the book I had to put tons of them into my poetry journal because they all made me laugh. I couldn't pick just one to share so I'll share two. Hope you like them as much as I do.

The Forgotten Art of Mincing Words

Oh good, you're back.
Did you get the sausage
like I asked?
The spicy, Polish kielbasa?
You forgot it?
How could you?
All I wanted was
some damn sausage
and I don't think i'm
asking much here!
I even gave you a note
it said, "don't forget the sausage,"
and you forgot the sausage!
This is so typical of you.
This is unforgivable.
This is...
What i'm trying to say is,
I'm in love with you.

Unfortunate Cookie

You will soon meet someone 
who will bring you much joy and love.

Eventually they will devour your soul
like it's a hot dog eating championship.

Lucky Numbers: 543, 8, 192, 78

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