November 28, 2011

Imperfect GotB

Wabi-sabi. It's my new favorite word (and it's so fun to say). It is something I have loved for quite a long time, I just didn't know what to call it. Wabi-sabi is finding beauty in things that are imperfect or incomplete. Friends usually scratch their heads when I am taking pictures of dilapidated buildings and rotting fruits, but these are the things I find most interesting. Perfection is something so many strive for, yet perfection is not attainable. I find "perfect", "whole" things boring. I would rather capture something real. Something that has seen some history, faced some trials. And aren't the people that we admire most the people that freely admit they are not perfect? The people that have faced the most hardships? Hardships leave scars. They leave a mark on us so we always remember what we have come from and how we are better for having gotten through it. Wabi-sabi people in a wabi-sabi world.

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