November 23, 2011

Donating GotB

Godspeed my good friend.

So after all the posts I have written about changing peoples' lives, I realized I haven't done much to try and change the world. Sure I have sung a lot. Even at Carnegie Hall and Lincoln Center. And while it is a unyielding belief of mine that music changes the world, I get just as much out of it as the person listening. I sing because I love it. So yesterday I "donated" something that for the past year has been very dear to me: my poetry journal. I was switching journals, and instead of throwing the journal away or tearing the pages out for a later use, I decided to brighten someone's day with it. I love things like Found Magazine (link) and often dreamed of finding a treasure left behind by someone; something that would give me a clue as to what their life was like. I also dreamed of leaving behind a piece of myself somewhere for someone else to find. It's kind of like the butterfly effect. So that's what I did. I hope that my journal finds someone who needed cheering. And I included a bookmark and note that asked them to add some poems and one day pass it on to someone else. If you feel like changing someone's day for the better, let me know know how you did i, and I'll post. We're all in this world together, might as well make it as wonderful as possible.

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