November 2, 2011

New GotB

(We Could All Use a Little)

It's funny how often I find myself putting things off because I am waiting for the perfect time. We invent so many excuses to put off the things we really want or need. I am again the new girl, having recently moved. I moved for several reasons; two big reasons were to pursue a musical and artistic career. Maybe start putting some paintings up in local shops, teach voice lessons. But I always have excuses not to start these projects. I didn't even want to start my blog until it was perfect; the background was perfect, I learned more HTML, ect. However, is life ever "perfect"? Should we just stand around waiting for the right time to pursue our dreams or start on our projects? Maybe the right time doesn't simply "come". Maybe we need to take a leap, make it happen, and hope it will work itself out. I'm going to be editing photos until I have a set I want to display. What projects have you been putting off?

1 comment:

  1. I mostly put off hw... I think and think and think and do the ruff draft in my head because I don't feel like doing them once because I just do not want to do it...until the last minute when I know I have to.