November 9, 2011

Journalin' GotB

When I was younger I decided to start a journal which I filled with photos of friends, poetry, and pre-pubescent angst. Now twelve years later I still keep a journal, but instead of filling it with all my angsty ramblings, I fill it with art and inspiration. The art helps me look back through the journal and remember my life as beautiful. And it helps me see that I am always growing as a person, artist, and musician. It's my art journal. I thought I would share some pics, and I hope to inspire someone to keep their own art journal; whether you fill it with pictures, poetry, doodles, paintings, quotes, scrap book elements, ticket stubs, or some smears of coffee grounds from breakfast. Times become hard and you fall down. I empathize with this presently. It helps to look back on better days. And know better days are still coming.

A one page spread. I usually cut them in half.

A photo collage of the cover (top left) and some random pages
As you can see, I really focus on the writing. A lot of art journals are more art, but I get frustrated if I am spending a lot of time on painting before I write. And so far I haven't convinced myself to paint pages in advance. I encourage you to start a journal and send me some pics. Maybe i'll even post them and they could inspire others. ;) So get journalin'!


  1. i like your art journal and your pictures are very nice

  2. Thanks a lot. Send me pics if you ever decide to make one.

  3. I love the pics! You are so talented!

  4. Thanks! I read this article in Somerset Studio and the artist made her journal like a calendar. I think i'll do that after I fill this one.