November 11, 2011

Things I Love: Texture!!!

If you haven't already noticed by how this blog is set up, I am a total nerd and LOVE organizing things and making lists. I also have a habit of being oblivious to the small things in life; the things that can bring the most joy. Therefore, Fridays will now be full of love; specifically things I love. So this post is dedicated to..... TEXTURE!
Favorite Texture Medium: Golden Crackle Paste
I love lots of texture in everything: food, clothes, and especially art. I love the turn a lot of abstract art has taken now; artists are adding crackle paints, gritty mediums, paper pulps, coffee grounds, anything to enhance roughness. I was browsing through some art on esty and was so inspired (artists like this one). I think I am going to have to do a texture set when I get my paints unpacked.

My favorite chunky scarf and "carpet bag" coat
I love highly textured clothing and furniture too. Soft silks, or scratchy tweed. I think it draws the eye, particularly if you have one key item that is deeply textured. My favorite coat of all time is my "carpet bag" trench. It always reminded me of Mary Poppin's bag. What kind of textures do you like?

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